For ministries and Individuals.

Project 153 for Individuals

Do you want to reach millions of people with what God has placed in you? I’ve helped over 40 people grow near 100k and way beyond on Tiktok, and grow massive followings on IG, simply through sharing truth and blessing others. The best part, it’s not easy, but it’s very simple. What if you could reach one million people per week and only take a few hours out of your week doing it? Would it not be worth it?

The name Project 153 comes from the bible story where Jesus told His disciples to cast their nets, and they acquired 153 fish. I believe with 110% of my heart that this is one of the strategies God is using in the end times to catch as many fish as possible.

Here’s the thing. It’s going to take strategy, and it’s going to take consistency. I want to show you exactly how. This training is not for everyone. But it can be for anyone who wants to invest in their own skills, life trajectory, and commit themselves to reaching as many as possible in these end times. It is not free! And will only work for those who are ready to invest in the lives they are called to! Are you ready to cast your net and join Project 153?!

If you want to take on Project 153, schedule an interview with the link below and we will be in touch with you ASAP!

Project 153 for Ministries

Consultation: Forerunner Mission trains and equips ministries to occupy the digital space effectively. We want to take your ministry through a 90 day hands-on journey that guarantees organic growth and strong digital presence. 

Account Management: We train pastors and leaders on how to bring their heart onto social media, by walking them through each and every video with strategies that will break through the algorithithm. Not only that, but we will personally handle the account and make sure videos are edited and posted on time daily, so you don’t have to think about it.